Independent purification system. No waiting periods, batteries, measurements, or chemicals.

Removes turbidity & microorganisms with trade secret technology.

Meets WHO standards for biological purification.

Kills viruses, bacteria, and protozoa unlike LifeStraw Personal, ceramics, and sand filters.

Flow automatically stops when filter is exhausted to naturally prevent overuse.

Visual instructions for use across language barriers.

Lightweight and collapsible for easy delivery to rural settings.



Check out our demo.

At Rorus, we make inexpensive point-of-use water filters that purify water using new nanotechnology. Our working filter prototype, the Filter Pack, is a more efficient and cost-effective tool for emergency relief and humanitarian providers in both developed and developing communities. We're introducing this product in the hydrological disaster relief market with plans to expand into larger scale point-of-use water filtration. For purchasing information please contact